Transportation to Büyükada is possible only by sea vehicles. Event day will not be a private boat. Participants can reach the race area using public transport.

Transportation Information

Point of DepartureCompanyDeparture TimeDurationArrival Time
KartalPrens Tur07:1525 min.07:40
BostancıMavi Marmara07:2050 min.08:10
EminönüCity Lines07:30100 min.09:10
KınalıadaCity Lines07:4050 min.08:30
KadıköyCity Lines07:5080 min.09:10
HeybeliadaMavi Marmara07:5515 min.08:10
KartalPrens Tur08:0025 min.08:25
BostancıMavi Marmara08:0050 min.08:50
BostancıCity Lines08:0030 min.08:30
HeybeliadaPrens Tur08:0015 min.08:15
KınalıadaCity Lines08:1545 min.09:00
KartalPrens Tur08:3025 min.08:55
HeybeliadaMavi Marmara08:3515 min.08:50
BurgazadaCity Lines08:3535 min.09:10
HeybeliadaPrens Tur08:4015 min.08:55
BostancıMavi Marmara08:5035 min.09:25
HeybeliadaCity Lines08:5020 min.09:10
KınalıadaCity Lines08:5045 min.09:35
HeybeliadaPrens Tur09:1015 min.09:25